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Do I need a visa to visit South Africa?

Only a passport is required.

Do I need a permit for guns and ammunition?

Yes, contact PHASA (phasa@phasa.co.za | +27 12 667 2048). They they will apply for permit on your behalf and meet you at airport with the permit. See our Firearm Import page for more information.

Do I need any special licence to hire a motor vehicle?

A passport and current driver’s license are all that is required.

Should I change foreign currency on entering the country?

Yes, you will need some money for porters and personal purchases.

How do I get to Chikwero?

We have two international airports - Johannesburg and Cape Town – where you clear customs/immigration. From here, you fly for +- 1h 40m to Port Elizabeth, where you are met and transported to your hunting destination.

Is there a charge for transportation to and from the airport?



When is the hunting season?

Our hunting season runs from March to November, however, the best months to hunt in are April, May, June and July, as the animals are in rut during this time.

What weapon should I bring?

A 270 to 300 is more than suitable for a plans game safari. A minimum of a 375 is required for a big game safari.

What ammunition and bullets are suitable?

Hornady, Speer, Sierra, Core Lokts and Power Point soft points are fine. Trophy Bonded, Barnes X, or Nosler Partitions are preferred.

How much ammunition do I need?

40 to 60 rounds is more than adequate. Ammunition also be purchased locally if necessary.

What scope should I bring?

A minimum of 3x9x40

Do I need a bipod?

If you have one, by all means bring it along. They are very handy in our rugged terrain.

How long will the hunting shots be?

Between 50 and 300 yards, the average being just over 100 yards.

Do I need a knife?


How do we travel while on the hunt?

A suitable 4 x 4 vehicle is used to get us around and to spot game, thereafter we walk and stalk.

Do we eat the game we shoot?

Yes indeed! Much of the game is prepared in different outstanding ways. This adds to the experience of the hunt.

Is a "10-day hunt" ten full days of hunting, or does that include the day of arrival and departure?

A 10-day hunt means ten hunting days, excluding arrival and departure.

Health & Safety

Are there medical facilities?

Good medical facilities are available in Cradock some 30 minutes drive from the ranch. There are at least 5 private medical practitioners. Emergency evacuation to Port Elizabeth - by helicopter or plane can be arranged at short notice for any clients that may require specialised or emergency medical attention.

Is the water safe for drinking?

Yes the water is safe and conforms to government standards. We also supply bottled water on all occasions.

What about poisonous snakes?

Yes, we do have some poisonous snakes. Fortunately, however, they are hibernating during the time of the year that hunting takes place and it is extremely rare to even see one.


Are alcoholic drinks included?

Limited beer and wine are provided.

What can my family do while I am hunting?

Your family can join us in the field or be taken on a personal tour of historic sights and other places of interest in the two adjacent towns. There is always much to see and do.